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OPEL Autogasanlage R115
(offer number: 89)

684.41  GBP
837.21  EUR
21176.47  CZK
947.37  USD
3600  PLN

Complete sequential installation with toroidal tank

+ installation of this installation in our company


with new homologation on Germany R115

(New regulations entered into force from September 2017)

Price from 3600 zł 4 cyl

Accurate valuation after sending to our e-mail Fahrzeugbrief registration certificate in order to determine the assembly of the assembly will take 1-2 days


Included in the price of the installation:


- Tank up to 55 liters with multivalve and infusion into the bumper

 - Complete sequence assigned to this car in accordance with R115


- Complete installation with warranty and homologation in German for the communication office


Nameplate of the installation

  from 3600 zł 4 cylinders

    At this auction you buy a complete installation mounted by our specialized mechanics with a tank instead of a spare wheel

  Installation takes place after sending us the e-mail registration certificate Fahrzeugbrief to determine the compatibility of the assembly will take 1-2 days

Tel: 34-3-274-624, 0-792-550-519 open from 8 to 16

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