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POXIPOL Universal Adhesive 108g 70ml
offer number: 3681

 Net: 6.78 EUR / pcs
 waga: 0.021 kg / pcs
*Price with 23% of TAX

POXIPOL is a two-component adhesive, easy to prepare and use. It is characterized by the highest strength and durability. Due to its properties, it is ideal for repairs at home, in the workshop, in the car, at work, while doing hobby and handicrafts.

  POXIPOL can be used for a wide range of materials, such as:

  • metal
  • cement
  • faience
  • wood
  • marble
  • Plastics
  • glass
  • concrete
  • fiber cement materials
  • ceramics
  • granite
  • porcelain.


The two-component POXIPOL adhesive has the following properties:

  • excellent adhesive with similar properties to metallic binder
  • it is easy to apply, it hardens the metal
  • it does not flow even from vertical surfaces.
  • it does not shrink, stretch or deform
  • does not contain solvents
  • after setting, it turns into a durable material that can be drilled, sawed with a file or a hand saw, suitable for processing with ordinary tools
  • resistant to water, oils and temperatures up to 120 ° C, depending on the application.
  • the place connected with the product, after hardening, can be easily painted. This technique is recommended to obtain the desired final color of the glued object.


The highly effective, reliable POXIPOL epoxy adhesive can be used, for example, for:

  • fixing iron fittings on wall cabinets, kitchen appliances, doors
  • repairing handles of large kitchen utensils such as choppers
  • placing hinges on kitchen furniture
  • making threads in wood and metal
  • fixing hooks and dowels in the wall
  • bonding a stainless steel sink to a marble kitchen countertop
  • assembling, repairing, fixing and joining parts of wooden furniture or metal parts. It is particularly advisable to use glue to repair and glue areas subject to heavy loads and forces, such as battens and beams in beds, table legs, armchairs and chairs.
  • repair of wooden or metal doors and windows
  • gluing the mirror frame
  • glue missing parts in porcelain shells
  • repair of cement fiber tanks
  • repair of stems, guitar frets, violin fingerboards and other musical instruments
  • fastening tool holders such as shovels or hammers
  • restoration of sculptures, statues and monuments
  • leveling unevenness and filling cavities in aluminum and iron tools
  • repair and restoration of vases, flower pots, large porcelain elements, fountains and other garden decorations
  • bonding and repairing garden furniture made of metal, wood or cement
  • repair of oil tanks and aluminum radiators in cars or motorcycles
  • restoration of the car body
  • strengthening and bonding of joints in vehicles
  • etc., etc.
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